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Open Edition Canvas

Each limited edition canvas is unstretched, giving you greater framing flexibility.

Your painting is reproduced on the highest quality Breathing Color Silverada (Frederix Metallic Pearl) canvas. Here is a description of the materials and process:

Silverada is a "silver metallic" fine art canvas, created from an optimal blend of metallic silver, and pearlescent surface finishes. This metallic canvas is a revolutionary addition to the industry and can only be found at Breathing Color. Silverada delivers an extremely high dmax, wide color gamut, and crisp resolution without the use of optical brighteners -- all characteristics that have become the hallmark of the Breathing Color brand. Images are mind-blowing on this canvas. Because of its unique metallic sheen, we do not coat this canvas after printing. The UV protection is built into the surface.

17 mil, 380 gsm poly-cotton metallic inkjet canvas.

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Imagine a traditional glass-framed fine art print hanging on the wall with all the distracting reflections and the bulky frame that never seems to match the room. Not with Lumachrome!

  • Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120 Yrs
  • Incredible 3D Depth & Dimensionality
  • Unsurpassed Detail & Ability to Hold Highlights
  • Superior Shadow Luminosity & Detail
  • Radiant Glowing Response Under Halogen Lighting
  • Contemporary French-Cleat Floating 'Frame' (That Always Looks Right)

Lumachrome® fine art prints raise the bar for extraordinary image quality, with razor sharp details that appear holographically 3D with incredible deep shadow detail and fidelity. There is a subtle metallic sheen which gives the colors a radiant luminosity (thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with iridium particles). These qualities give the prints an extraordinary clarity, vividness, and true-to-the-original appearance.

The print is mounted face-first onto a 1/8" museum-grade, uv-protected, scratch-resistant acrylic glass. Lumachrome uses a special type of acrylic glass called Trulife® acrylic glass which cuts out unwanted reflections by about 50% or more compared to normal acrylic glass, allowing you to view the print imagery without distraction. The backside of the print is protected by a stiff, 1/8", acid-free substrate.

A robust recessed floating frame and French-Cleat hanging system is attached to the back, so that the print floats .75" off of the wall.

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All orders go through Stripe payments. After your purchase on the website you will receive an invoice. Once we receive the tracking # from our lab, typically within 2 weeks of the purchase date, we will email it to you.

All of Bill's work is printed at world-class printing labs located in the United States. All domestic orders for production and shipping take 2-3 weeks. We do not ship Internationally.

If your order arrives damaged in any way (highly unlikely) please contact Bill Inman Art immediately using the contact page. Prints are created individually at time of order - therefore, all purchases are final. If you would like to request a refund, please contact us within 4 days of receiving your order for consideration. If Bill decides to authorize a return it may include a restocking fee of 15%.